May-June 2019

Dear Friends,

We greatly appreciate you “holding the ropes” for us. Thank you for the great part you have in missions work here in Argentina! David recently had the opportunity in May to preach at a Men’s Retreat in Santiago, Chile. Fellow Missionary, Jason Kenney, invited him to speak at a two day retreat to 95 men from 14 different churches in Chile. He also had the opportunity to speak and minister at 2 different churches in the city of Santiago. We are grateful for what the Lord is doing in Chile and the opportunity to learn a lot from Bro. Kenney concerning missions work.

We praise the Lord for the work He is doing at New Hope Baptist Church in Cordoba, Argentina. We have a group of 15-20 coming on Sundays and people have been coming on Wednesday nights as well. David is finishing up preaching through 1 Peter and about to start 1 John. We have 3 discipleships going and one of the men we are discipling is starting to disciple a new believer! Glory to God!

We would like to ask your prayers for some specific people in the church. Christian came to church on a Wednesday Night broken up because he had separated from his wife and his life was falling apart. He is a believer but had been away from the Lord for several years. He came in wanting to recommit his life to the Lord. He is a charismatic young man and we know the Lord can use him greatly if he stays faithful. His wife, Luciana, has moved back in and they are both attending the services together. Please pray for this young couple, their marriage and relationship with the Lord to grow. Jesus, is an atheist young man from Venezuela that has been coming to services for a few weeks and finds the preaching interesting. He has heard the Gospel many times. We pray that he would be saved and come to know our Saviour. Dalia, ( Jesus’s Girlfriend) has been attending services and has shown a great interest in learning more about the Bible. Hannah will begin Bible Studies with her next week. Yohana, is a young mom of two who received Christ on the first Sunday of the church, she was faithful, growing and doing the discipleship. However, she starting missing services and has gotten away from the Lord. We pray that she would come back to church and that her kids, Renata and Nazareno would be raised in a godly home.

We had a special Ladies Meeting at church the second week of June. It was an encouraging time for them. Please pray for the ladies that have been coming to the church that they might be able to reach their friends and family. Please be in prayer for our preparations for our 1st Family Conference on the 12-14 of July. My Father-In-Law, Gary Ellison, who is a missionary to Hispanics in the US, will be coming down to preach the conference. We are expecting a number of people from other churches as well. The great majority of the families here are broken and split apart. We desperately need teaching on what a Christ-honoring and Biblical family looks like. We are praying for new families to be added and the families that are at the church to be strengthened. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Church Service at New Hope Baptist Church in Cordoba,Argentina

Church Service at New Hope Baptist Church in Cordoba,Argentina

October-November 2018

Dear Praying Friends,

We praise the Lord for a wonderful start to Iglesia Bautista Nueva Esperanza! The Lord worked in a mighty way. On November the 4th we had our very first service at Iglesia Bautista Nueva Esperanza (New Hope Baptist Church). This was a day that was greatly anticipated with many weeks and months of prayer and preparation. It was a blessed launch service with 26 people who came from our city of Cordoba and three made decisions to receive Christ! Most of the people that came we had already met and been in contact with but two families who attended had found us through the internet. We are very thankful for my dad and brothers (along with a few member of their church) who traveled 7 hours from Tucumán to help us visit for the first Sunday. The Lord is building His church and we are excited to have a small part. We beg your prayers for Daniel and Maria (a couple who received Christ at home), Cesar and David (two brothers who made decisions), Yohana and her two kids - Nazareno and Renata, Sonia, and for the salvation of Camila and Brian. Please continue to pray for these new believers to grow in their faith, and for more to be saved and added to the church. 

We were able to finish our first class in the Seminary and are now working on the second class. It’s so encouraging to see these Argentine believers excited about learning more and preparing themselves for the ministry. We are praying for these individuals as they grow in knowledge. 

Earlier in October, we were able to take a trip up North to Tucumán, to be with David’s Dad, Larry, and Brothers. We attended a special service in memory of his Mom, Ruth, who past away in July of this year in the US. It was a very emotional day as people in the church shared testimonies of the impact she had on their life. We praise the Lord for the legacy she has left behind. While we were there, David had the opportunity to preach in a new church plant that a close friend of his, Rodrigo, recently started. It’s such a blessing to see how God is using different people all over Argentina.

We could have not planted New Hope Baptist Church without your prayers and faithful support. We greatly appreciate you “holding the ropes” for us.Thank you for the great part you have in missions work here in Argentina!!! God bless you!


August - September 2018

Dear Praying Friends,

After weeks of going back and forth working on one building that in the end didn’t work out, we finally have good news! Praise the Lord we have signed the contract and have the keys for a new church building. We are rejoicing in God’s timing and feel like the location is where He would have us to be. We’ve already been able to make contact with some of the people and the word is already out that we are planting a church in the area.

We have the privilege to be involved in a new ministry that has started in the city of Córdoba. It’s an online Bible Seminary to help better equip those called to the ministry. We currently have two couples and four individuals studying and preparing themselves. We are excited to have a part in training nationals here in Argentina. 

I have been able to witness to several people out visiting with a local church in the area. I met Mariano and Valentin two young men who struggle with a drug addiction. Their attention span was very short, yet the seed of the Word was planted in their hearts. Pray for their salvation and for the young people here in Argentina.

After reaching the Argentine Senate, a law to legalize abortion was not passed in Argentina praise the Lord! Cordoba was one of the only two provinces (states) where every senate vote favored abortion. Cordoba is one of the hardest grounds to work in but we trust the Lord to give the increase.

One last thing we would like to mention and this one is very near to our hearts. Since arriving in Argentina we’ve had trouble with social workers concerning our daughters. We thought we had answered all of their questions but we’ve been called in for more meetings. Please pray for us to have wisdom in dealing with this situation and to fully rest in the Lord. As you can imagine it’s a very delicate situation and emotions are high. The Lord has brought us this far and we are confident He will see us through.

Thank you for all the prayers! We hope to have wonderful news of mighty ways the Lord is working here in our next update.


June-July 2018

Dear Praying Friends,              

This present year has been full of joys, but also of many trials. Earlier this year, we suffered the loss of our one month old baby, Dominic. This time it was the home-going of David’s Mom. She had gotten extremely sick since March. She had many tests done down in Argentina but the doctors couldn’t find what was wrong. Finally, on June 1, she was diagnosed with stage four cancer. It was in the lymph, liver and had spread to other areas. David's dad immediately tried to see if treatment could be done at a Natural Cancer Clinic in Mexico. She was there for three weeks doing some intensive treatments and had some good days. They traveled to Illinois to continue some treatment at a house/prophets chamber. This is where she got very sick once again and started going downhill rapidly. David and his two brothers traveled urgently back to the US hoping to see her before she passed. The Lord let us spend almost a week together. She went to be with the Lord on July the 13th. We had a sweet memorial service at our sending church where we were able to livestream the service to family and friends in Mexico and Argentina. We thank the Lord for a godly lady that gave her life for the Lord on the mission field of Argentina. We ask prayers for grace, comfort and the peace of God. We would like to thank once again everyone who has reached out to us doing this tough time. We are grateful for everyone who prayed and ministered to us in special ways. We want to especially thank East Park Baptist Church and the churches in the Central Illinois area who provided meals, helped pick up family from the airport, among many other things. What a blessing!

We praise the Lord that we were able to get Zoey’s American passport completed. We needed to travel by plane to the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires, to be able to do this paperwork at the American Embassy. The Lord gave us the grace in this trip with the little ones and being able to get this important document for little Zoey. 

The details for the rent of the church building and a training ministry are being finalized. We should be able to move into the building for the church in August to start setting up for the start of the church. The brother that is renting the building to us still has to complete some work on the house, but the majority is ready. Our desire is to have some English classes first to be able to connect with some people in the area before we start the church. Also, we plan to canvass and invite every household within a 15 block radius of the building. Please pray for the preparations for the new work. In the near future, an extension of Trinity Baptist Seminary of Atlanta will be opened in Cordoba. This will be a great opportunity to train leaders for the ministry. We will have the privilege of being a part of this ministry. David’s father-in-law, Gary Ellison, has the main Spanish division in La Feria, TX and many satellite schools throughout the US and Latin America. Please pray for the start of this future ministry. Thank you very much for your prayers and partnership! God bless you!



May 2018

Dear Praying Friends,

Romans 8:28 says, "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Our hearts are very heavy with some sad news. One of our twins, little Dominic, passed away in his sleep on April 28th. He was a month and three days old. We are still in shock about everything and trying to process this. We beg your prayers for our family. It is comforting to know that we will see him again one day. God has a purpose with this we know. The Lord is our strength and comfort. Thank you for your prayers.

We would like to thank everyone who has reached out to us doing this dark time. We are grateful for every text, call & email (even if we haven’t gotten back with you) .It definitely doesn’t take the pain away but knowing that we have our friends & family in Christ praying for us does give us strength to face the day. Also, a big thank you to all who helped with Dominic’s Bereavement Fund and helped with Hannah’s parents plane tickets to come down. It is a great blessing in the middle of a tough time. We are overwhelmed by the kindness and prayers of God’s people and have felt supported in such a great way starting with our sending church, mission board and all the churches and friends that support us in prayers and finances. 

Thank you for all who prayed for the special service we had for our Dominic Xavier. The Lord poured out His Grace on our family that day. We shed many tears, but also were able to rejoice that he is with our Savior. Psalms 30:5, “For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” Thankful that both of our Dads could come to the service, say a few words and be an encouragement to our family as we lean on each other during this time. Dominic’s Pediatrician, Alicia, an unbeliever, was able to hear several clear presentations of the Gospel among some other possible unbelievers. We pray that her heart would be softened towards the Gospel.

We had 11 days that it rained straight here in Cordoba. Dirty laundry was piling up and we had to go out and buy a dryer. I spoke with Emmanuel the sales guy who goes to an evangelical church but when asked about his salvation he didn’t know. He said he would try to go more often to church so he could make it to Heaven. There are so many lost people, like Emmanuel,  believing salvation is through good works. We must continue to sow the Gospel and the Good News that salvation is found in Christ alone. We ask that you would continue to pray for us as we grieve Baby Dominic and look forward to the days ahead. We believe God has something special here in Cordoba. 




March-April 2018

Dear Praying Friends,

Our babies, Dominic & Zoey, are here! They were born Sunday, March 25th at 7 PM. Zoey, our little girl, weighed 6 pounds 3 ounces and Dom 5 pounds 7 ounces. We praise the Lord for giving us a healthy set of twins and that Mama is doing well. We appreciate your prayers for Hannah as the recovery process is taking a bit longer. We were hoping for a normal birth but at the end the birth had to be through a c-section. The Lord saw us through this and we praise Him for it.

We are thankful for the privilege to preach the Gospel early March to several young people after a soccer game outreach event. One of the young men from the local churches invited me to give the Word after the game. There were several unbelievers who had an opportunity to hear the Gospel.

Twins One Week.jpg

We had a productive couple of days of work at the future location of the church. We built a wall to divide us from the neighbor. The church is taking shape. There are some things that need to be ironed out with the owner but it does seem we have the building for the church. Our first invitations arrived for the new church plant. We are excited about starting to pass these out as we plan the start of New Hope Baptist Church of Cordoba.

We had a blessed time being a part of the ordination of Brother Jeremias to the gospel ministry. He has started a church plant in Ojo de Agua, a town about 3 hours from Cordoba. Also, we celebrated the 37th anniversary of the Templo Biblico Bautista of Cordoba. Thank you for keeping our family in your prayers and for supporting the work down here in Argentina!


January-February 2018

Dear Praying Friends,

Greetings from warm and sunny Cordoba, Argentina! It has been pretty hot this Summer. We had a day recently of 106 degrees! We are hoping we get some cooler weather soon. Trust you are all having a wonderful Winter. Thank you so much for being partners in our ministry!

It looks like Hannah and I will not have to get married again. Originally, a wedding here in Argentina would have solved some issues concerning our paperwork according to the Argentine Consulate in Atlanta. Soon after arriving to Argentina, I talked to a pastor who has helped many people in ministry with paperwork and legal issues and he assured us we just needed to verify my name with two witnesses. Praise the Lord, we were able to get that document! Also, we were able to translate and legalize (meaning it will be recognized by the government) the needed documents for Hannah’s paperwork. On January 29th, we had a meeting with the Immigration Office to get Hannah’s residency. We thank the Lord we have her temporary Argentina residency ID. This paper work will give her legal residency in the country. 

I had the opportunity to lead my first souls to the Lord since arriving to Cordoba! It was a lady named Celeste and a 75 year old man named Edgardo. Please pray for him as he is struggling with health and for their spiritual growth.

We were out looking at some areas to possibly start a new church plant in the next few months. We’re praying about an area Northwest of the city called Arguello. The Lord lead us to a man from a sister church who is willing to rent his house. It does need some work but it’s a great possibility for the future. Please pray for this new project.

Hannah is feeling well overall, just feeling the weight of carrying twins. She is around 34 weeks, and we are hoping to meet Dom & Zoey in March. It’s an exciting time and it will also be a really busy time as we will be talking care of three little children under two years of age. We just ask your prayers that Hannah might go full term with a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery. 

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. May the Lord continue to bless you in a mighty way!



November-December 2018


Dear Praying Friends,          

We are very happy to announce that we are having twins! The Lord has blessed us with a little boy and girl. In Argentina, one needs to have a doctor to be able to get an ultrasound but David’s Mom was able to connect us with an ultrasound clinic. At 22 weeks, we had our first ultrasound and to our surprise there were two! Hannah is feeling well with this pregnancy and the twins are growing. Please pray for a safe pregnancy and delivery. We have an estimated due date for March 27th but with twins we are expecting their arrival sooner. 

We have been able to visit some of the churches here in Cordoba. We have been received very well by all of them and the pastors have been very gracious to us. There are two Mexican missionaries that have arrived recently to this city. They have started two new church plants in homes. One work is 3 years old and the other about 6 months old. We praise the Lord for the the Gospel going forward in Cordoba and we pray for more workers and works to be started. David was able to preach in both of these works. Also, he spoke at another home Bible study led by a national pastor, several people in the group raised their hand for salvation. Some missionaries and pastors cannot afford the high prices of renting buildings so thats why they have services in homes. Please pray for the start of our church plant in the near future and for space opportunities for these other servants of God.

It was a joy to have my father-in-law, Gary Ellison come down and visit with us for a few weeks. His primary reason to come down was to see us and take Sarah, Hannahs youngest sister, back home. He also had opportunities to preach in Cordoba and Tucuman. He taught a concentrated course at the Bible Institute in Tucuman and preached a few times during the Annual Conference.

We are grateful we had the opportunity to travel eight hours North to see my family up in Tucuman and take part of the Annual Conference. The theme was “20 Years of Blessing” as we celebrated together the twentieth anniversary of the conference and the blessings of God upon that ministry. Several pastors and church leaders came from other parts of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Paraguay. I am so grateful for my family and the way God is using them for His glory.

The house situation has truly been an ordeal for us, with a lot of paper work and waiting.Throughout the process, we had to remind ourselves that God is in control and His timing is perfect. We are in our home now and very excited about our first Christmas here in Argentina. Though we will miss being with family we are looking forward to celebrating here with our new friends and family in Christ. We hope each of you have a Merry Christmas and that we all keep Christ as the center. Thank you so much for your prayers and support!



November -December 2016


Dear Praying Friends,

We have been very blessed and thank the Lord for every blessing that He sends our way. We are very grateful for your partnership through prayers and support. As we transition into the Christmas season, we remember the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. He is the only way of salvation and the reason we can celebrate Christmas. This we can we do, not only once a year, but throughout the whole year.

We had a wonderful Missions Conference in Alabama, and were blessed by the fellowship and encouraged by their partnership. We also thank the Lord for a new supporting church near Murphy, NC. While we were there, they had many wild fires and you could smell the smoke from the church. We continue to pray for all those affected by all the fires in TN and NC. We have been to a church in VA, where the pastor was a wrestling coach and David has wrestled several times with him. This dear church has recently partnered with us, so all the wrestling has paid off. We praise the Lord for each church we have been able to be in and hope that we can be a blessing, as they have encouraged us. God is giving the increase!

Our Jeep Liberty has been keeping it interesting for us. For Thanksgiving, we were traveling down to Tampa, Florida to be with family, but about an hour down the road our car broke down close to Columbia, SC. Thankfully, it was near one of our supporting churches and Bro. Brackett had a day off, so he was able to come and help us. Even through small trials, we can see God’s great provision. Thankfully, we made it to Tampa safely and were able to spend Thanksgiving with David’s family, who have not been stateside for a Thanksgiving in over 20 years. That Sunday we were able to go to church with David’s Aunt and were invited back that night to present and preach. Praise the Lord for that opportunity. If you haven't partnered with us yet, please pray what God would have you do for Argentina. God bless you and we wish a Merry Christmas! 


September-October 2016


Dear Praying Friends,


The Scriptures tell us in Ephesians 6:18-19, “Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints; And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel,” Thank you for prayers, support and encouragement as we travel on deputation. Please pray that more churches would partner and commit to support this ministry of making known the gospel in Argentina.

We are praising the Lord for a wonderful, full month of meetings in Illinois. We were able to present in the church where a former classmate of mine from Bible college is pastoring now. It was good to reconnect and see how the Lord is blessing the work there in Muncie,IN.  We also got to share our burden to Argentina in a church in Illinois where David attended high school for a time. It was a sweet time of fellowship. This month we had our very first meeting in Ohio and thank the Lord for the extra blessing that they were to our family. Please pray for us as we will be flying to Arizona for a missions conference. Also, we will be presenting the work in Michigan, Illinois and Alabama. We pray to be a blessing in every service that we have the opportunity to participate in.

It was a privilege for me to be ordained to the gospel ministry the last weekend of September. On Saturday, there was a time of questioning and on Sunday, the ordination service. I’d like to thank all the pastors and laymen from the Central Illinois area that attended and invested their time in my life. It was extra special as both of our parents were on the council and had a part in the service on Sunday. There was also a baby dedication for Ingrid Giselle as we committed her to the Lord. A special thank you to our sending church, East Park, for all the effort and work they put into both services. It was a very memorable service for our family. 

Car Trouble
Around the same time, we ran into some issues with our vehicle. As we were pulling out of a parking lot, the right axle of our Jeep fell down. We thank the Lord that we were not on the highway and for His protection over us. We’d also like to praise Him for providing all the funds to fix the Jeep. The Lord continues to go before us and take care of all our needs. Thank you for your prayers!


In Christ,

David, Hannah & Ingrid Owens


July-August 2016


Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you for your partnership with us during deputation as we get ready to go to Argentina. As Missionary Paul wrote about the missionary gift in Philippians 4:18, he calls it, “an odour of a sweet smell, a sacrifice acceptable, well pleasing to God.” May God continue to bless you as you have part in this and other missionary endeavors.

Mission Conferences
Its been a full two months of meetings and blessings for our family. We have been in Michigan for several meetings during the first part of July, then we were able to spend a week at our house in South Carolina. While being at home, David was able to preach in the Spanish church here in Spartanburg during their 1st Family Conference. There is a core group of families that have been coming faithfully. We praise the Lord for the lives that are being changed. Please continue to pray for this work and that the Lord would continue to grow the church. 

We then traveled to Maryland for a Missions Conference and had a sweet time there. The church took us to see some of the sights in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. Following that conference, we were able to reconnect with a Spanish pastor in New York City who had visited Argentina many years ago. We had the opportunity to preach at his Spanish church in Yonkers. We braved the NYC summer with little Iggy, and had a great time together. We also had wonderful meetings in CT, VA, TN, KY & SC. During the first part of August, we had a tremendous missions conference with a new supporter in Richmond,VA. We were so blessed and encouraged by this meeting. God has blessed us with 4 new supporters during this time! 

Family Visit
Little Ingrid Giselle is growing healthy and strong. Everyone enjoys meeting her and we feel very blessed to have such a happy baby. David’s parents will get to meet her for the first time next month as they come from Argentina for a furlough. They are also coming for David’s ordination that will be September 25th at our sending church, East Park Baptist. Hannah’s parents will also be attending this special service. Please pray for our families as they will both be traveling many miles. We have started to work on Hannah’s visa and have an appointment with the Argentine consul at the end of this year. We are praying that we have all the paperwork that is needed so the Argentine embassy will grant Hannah a visa. 

Rio Cuarto
Rio Cuarto, Argentina is the 2nd largest city in the province of Cordoba. It has a population of around 150,000 souls, about 3 hours South of the city of Cordoba. It is an agricultural hub surrounded by many cattle ranches. Rio Cuarto is a wealthier city, yet its a place entrenched in spiritual darkness. Please pray that God would do a work in this place. Thank you for your prayers!

May-June 2016


Dear Praying Friends,

I Corinthians 10:31 tells us, “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” We give God the glory for everything that He has done. Whether we are presenting at a church, driving down the road or changing a diaper, let every thing  be done for His honor and glory. We glorify the Lord for your partnership with us through prayer and support.

We thank the Lord that Hannah and Baby are doing well with Ingrid weighing over 12 pounds. We are thankful for such a healthy little girl who is adjusting to life on the road. Our prayer for her is that she will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ at a young age. 

Earlier this month, I encountered a group of Mormons and had the opportunity to present the Gospel to them. Please pray for these four young men that their eyes would be open to the truth. During the 2nd week of June, we had the privilege to attend our first Macedonia Orientation as a family. It was such a blessing and encouragement to see other missionaries on deputation and those on furlough. It was a time to recharge our batteries as we face the last phase of our deputation. We rejoice in over 3 new supporting churches over this period of time. The end of our deputation now seems within grasp as we are at 80% of our support. We have had meetings in Virginia, one in Indiana and several in Michigan. We are very thankful for the Smith Family, who are missionaries themselves to Ottawa, Canada for letting us stay in their upstairs apartment as we traveled in the Michigan area. 

We ask that you continue to pray for Hannah’s grandmother, Barbara. She is having another surgery on the 20th of June. I do want to mention and ask for your prayers concerning another situation with my parents in Argentina. A few weeks ago, on a Sunday night, their house was robbed. The door was busted down on the ground, money was taken, and several valuables also. Its sad to say, but this is a pretty common situation in Argentina. Please pray for my parents as they go through this difficult time.

Santa Fe
This month we share the need in Santa Fe,Argentina. Its the 8th largest city in Argentina with a population of around 650,000 souls. This city is situated about 4 1/2 hours East of Cordoba where we plan to begin our first work. Pray that God would allow for more Bible believing churches to be started here. Thank you for your prayers!

March-April 2016


Dear Praying Friends,                         

Ingrid Giselle
We are rejoicing in the birth of our little one, Ingrid Giselle! She was born on the 12th of April around 4:30 PM weighing 6 pounds 10 ounces and measuring 20 1/2 inches long. We thank the Lord that everything went well and both Hannah and Ingrid are healthy. Psalms 48:1 says, “Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised,…” The Lord is so good and we are very grateful to Him for her! We are so happy that Hannah’s mom and sister Sarah have been helping us with the baby at this time. Please pray that Ingrid would continue to grow strong and healthy.

Prayer Requests
We also ask prayers for Hannah’s grandmother in Florida as she has been struggling with her health & had surgery this month. Please pray for her healing and wisdom for the doctors as she is facing another operation in June. My parents will be coming to the States to see the baby in September and to raise more needed support. They have been faithfully serving in Argentina since 1987. Please pray for their travels and for my mom as she has been struggling with diabetes.
We thank the Lord for safety as we traveled great distances, especially at the end of February and early March. We hit a snow storm in Michigan but thankfully we were able to make it to a missions conference that was a huge blessing to both my wife and I. We then had a meeting in Iowa and traveled a total of 32 hours. But the Lord blessed and we had two new churches take us on for support. This Resurrection Sunday we were in Virginia presenting the work to Argentina. The pastor at this church is a wrestling coach and encouraged me to stay through Monday. He taught me some wrestling moves and I greatly enjoyed that. At the same church, we had a great time of fellowship with some friends of ours going to Mexico. We are so thankful for each church that we are able to be in and the new friendships that we form traveling the deputation trail. Thank you for your prayers and faithful support!

Bahia Blanca
This month we want to pray for the city of Bahia Blanca. The city is in the Southwest corner of the province of Buenos Aires. Bahia Blanca is about a 7 hour drive from the Capital of Argentina. It has a population of over 300,000 souls. Bahía Blanca means "White Bay". The name is given due to the typical color of the salt covering the soils surrounding the shores. Bahia Blanca is the only city in Argentina where basketball is more popular than soccer. There is a great need in this place for Bible believing churches. Join us in prayer for laborers in Bahia Blanca, Argentina.


January-February 2016


Dear Praying Friends,                          

Greetings in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your faithful partnership in prayer and support. We are overwhelmed by your kindness to us. We are so grateful for how everyone has been so generous and helping us with the arrival of Baby Ingrid. The Lord has provided many of the things that we needed through you and others. We sincerely thank you. William Carey, missionary to India, said he was willing to go if others would “hold the rope” and assist him as he went. Thank you for holding the ropes for us as we as a team take together the Good News of the Gospel to Argentina.

Winter Travels
We would like to inform you that we have received the awesome news of five new supporting churches and two individual family taking us on for support! God is faithful. With these new partners in our ministry, our percentage level has increased to 73%. We are so excited and thrilled as our departure date gets closer every day. We have been in Alabama and Michigan, two new states these months, also in Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia. We also had a special meeting in the Spanish church of Spartanburg. Clothes were donated and a meal was provided to everyone in the community. I had the opportunity to give the gospel and two people were saved by the grace of God. One of them is Carlos, who had been with the Mormon church for several years but was very open to hear the Word of God. He has to come to an understanding of his need for the Savior and trusted in Jesus. 

Like many of you, we have enjoyed the snow during these months. We received approximately three inches of snow in South Carolina. We had one meeting that canceled, but thankfully we were able to reschedule it. We thank the Lord for His protection as we travel on the road.

This month we want to feature the city of Catamarca. Its located in Northwestern Argentina surrounded by mountains with a population of 200,000. In some areas of the city the temperatures can drop to -20 (*F) during the winter months, which are in June and July. Catamarca is very prone to earthquakes with the last major one being in 1994. 
This city has many sights to see. However, the largest event is a hundred mile pilgrimage on foot to a pagan festival. The people of Argentina are blinded by Satan and come to worship the Virgin of the Valley every year. These people need to hear about the Lord Jesus. Please pray with us for a gospel witness in this city.