"While they are young, they are not a completely inexperienced team as many missionary recruits are. David and Hannah are a couple seeking to continue the ministry calling that has been prepared in them from childhood. They will be able to “hit the ground running” without spending massive amounts of time in cultural adaptation and language school. This is because of God’s gracious preparation in their lives. They are a special couple and God’s hand is on them. "

Pastor Ryan Banman -East Park Baptist Church - rbanman@eastparkbc.org

"We highly recommend this dear young couple to you. They are wonderful Christians, both raised in Christian homes, both raised speaking Spanish, and both second generation missionaries. They are a couple that God has prepared in a unique way to do a good work for Him among the Hispanic people. "

Fred Kindhart - Macedonia Field Director - fredkindhart@mwbm.org


Davids Testimony:

Hello! My name is David Owens. My wife and I are missionaries to the people of Argentina. I had the opportunity to be raised in Argentina as a missionary kid. My parents have been serving the Lord in Northwest Argentina since 1987. Even though I was familiar with church and religion, I didn't have a relationship with Jesus Christ growing up.  However, at the age of 17, I was convicted of my sin and I trusted Jesus Christ as my Savior. I grew in my faith during the following years.

The Lord allowed me to come to the States and attend Bible College. It was at a missions emphasis conference at school where God called me to preach and to serve Him in Argentina. He has allowed me to have experience with church planting work on the mission field and in the US. Because of my background, God has given me a thorough knowledge of the culture and people of this needy country. God has ignited in me a passion to reach the people of Argentina.

At Bible College, I met my beautiful wife and the love of my life, Hannah. She is a tremendous blessing to my life. We were married in May of 2014. We have two daughters, Ingrid and Zoey.

* David has a Bachelors of Science from Hyles- Anderson College and completing a Masters of Ministry from Crown College of the Bible. 

Hannah's Testimony:

I was born and raised in a pastors home where I am the fourth of eight children. At the young age of seven I was saved in my Father’s study and later baptized. A major part of my childhood was spent in Mexico City where my family and I served. We spent eight years as missionaries in this country. I thank the Lord for allowing me the opportunity of growing up in a different culture and the ability to learn the Spanish language fluently. 

After serving in Mexico, my family and I returned back to the United States where we planted Hispanic Baptist Churches and Bible Institutes. During high school, I attended a youth conference and it was there that I surrendered my life completely to the Lord and to His will.  After I graduated high-school, I went to Bible College and I met my husband, David. He was also a second generation missionary. We had much of the same passions and goals, the most important being to reach the lost with the Gospel and to see lives changed.

I thank the Lord for bringing us together the way He did. I love serving the Lord with my soul mate and am very excited about getting to the country of Argentina.  God’s will is always perfect and I am looking forward to working on the mission field with my family.  


"In the vast plain to the north I have sometimes seen, in the morning sun, the smoke of a thousand villages where no missionary has ever been" -Robert Moffat